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Why do I need to fix my new pistol right out of the box?

About 90% of new Italian replicas need work on timing and barrel to cylinder gap set.

Uberti Colt replicas need the arbor corrected. Pietta fixed their arbors about 10 years ago although some have a too long arbor.

Both manufacturers' pistols can be greatly improved  by precision tuning. Chamber mouths  can be chamfered to stop lead shaving during loading, some folks think a ring or lead being shaved off the ball when loading prevents chain fires or more chambers firing at the same time.

This is simply not the case; chain firing occurs from loose fitting caps or nipples at the rear of the cylinder. When a ring of lead is cut during loading it reduces the weight of the ball and can change the center of gravity reducing accuracy.

Correctin the arbor is important to keep the gun from damaging itself. There is the thought that you drive the wedge in to set the barrel to cylinder gap. This is 100% wrong. Once this is corrected barrel to cylinder gap does not change the whole Idea is to have the same pistol each time you assemble it and shoot.

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Pair of ASM Walker Pistols

1851 and 1860 ASM Colts

Pistol in work

CVA/ASM 1847 Walker